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Level establishes its leadership in the snow glove sector, thanks to its constant technological progress. Level  thanks to its innovative approach and many applied technologies established itself as a world leader in the sector of snowboard protection gloves.

Level has now succeeded in applying its philosophy of “innovative style” that characterizes the “snow” world, to the “ski” world, using the same concepts of innovation, safety and design.

Level’s market positioning was immediately a winner. Thanks to its innovative applied technology involving state-of-the-art materials, and its passionate team, the company shot to the top of the snowboard equipment market. An important example of the company’s technological progress is the special wrist protection Biomex®, developed by Level together with the Klinik Gut in St. Moritz, that can reduce the risk of sprains and fractures while snowboarding. Now, Level goal is to develop its know-how in order to become a leader producer in the glove market for all winter sport activities. Innovative design, maximum quality, revolutionary style and innovative technologies are at the base of Level strategy, all along.

Let’s see a few of the major steps in the company’s growth.

Level was the first, in 1989, to study, develop and market snowboard gloves and it was also a pioneer of the Removable Lining System.

It was the first to introduce, in 1992, snowrider protection technology and in 1994 it launched its innovative Breathable System. Just a few years later, in 1999, another of Level’s firsts – H&R construction – brought further success. The multiuse snowboard/ski/mountaineering concept was introduced in 2001 at the presentation of the Ski New Trend Collection of gloves with a decorated palm in silicon. The “success of the year” of 2002 was the new, in-glove Kirax integrated reflex stimulator system.

The year 2004 saw the launch of Overgloves, a range of innovative overgloves to keep hands warm in low temperatures; ideal for women skiers and for athletes waiting their turn during competitions.

The new entry in 2007 is Team Issue, a brand-new range of ultra high-tech, stylish snowboard and freestyle gloves designed with the input of the top riders. The Limited Edition range will be retailed only through leading winter sportswear stores. 2007 is characterized by great international ski successes: Level won 4 golden medals at World Championship in Åare with Patrick Staudacker (GS), Sarka Zharobska (SL) and Aksel Lund Svindal (DH e GS) who also won Ski World Cup.

In 2008 Level creates Bliss, a highlight of the 2008-09 collection, a line specially designed by women for women who love snow. In 2009 Level proposed a new integrated system gloves-poles in freestyle and freeride world. Also in 2009, Level presented together with its more representative athlete, Aksel Lund Svindal, the most innovative ski racing glove ever studied. The 2010-11 collection develops and launches two revolutionary new technological innovations on the market: it is the first brand to offer a thermoforming system customizing the glove fit, optimizing comfort and improving performance; it is the first company to offer a new adjustable air wrist support system which can easily be turned on and off. The main novelty of the collection 2011-12 is the new series of models Rocker, dedicated to all skiers who look for new trends. One of the state-of-the-art “Rocker” proposals is the perfect answer to their needs. For the first time, the collection 2012-2013 presents a line that includes the products of the highest quality and technology: the Leather line, composed by leather gloves of the highest quality, which offer excellent thermal protection and design. Furthermore, Level has improved the Snowboard line’s Biomex-Plus® protection, resulting from a constant cooperation between snowboarders and the medical community and biomedical engineers. Among the new models, the gloves specially conceived for the Pro, both in the Ski Racing line segment and in the Snowboard line. In 2014 Level moves to Switzerland, becoming Scheuing Sport AG, to improve its international approach to the markets; in the mean time the new collection redefines the standards of quality and warmth of the gloves.

Scheuing Sport distributes its products all over the world through 43 distributors in 4 different  continents. With a constant trend of growth, since 2000, making Level one of the main competitors in the world glove market.

Present sales show the good placement of Level in the snowboard market of the countries in the Alpine Arc and highlight a good sales potential in the North American and Japanese market areas. The most important sales opportunity concerns the new Freeride-Freestyle segment, where Level product and image perfectly meet clients’ expectations.

Scheuing Sport AG – Level

Level, founded 27 years ago with the goal of creating the first glove exclusively dedicated to snowboard, is now a leading company in the production of snow sports gloves and of many applied technical patents. Under the direction of Mauro and Davide Compagnoni, Level has constantly grown, entering the ski sector, and has established itself mostly thanks to the Fusion line segment, a crossover line characterized by a most innovative approach.