Custom Fit


This new system gives the possibility for the creation of a product that is customised to the skiers/riders needs. The padding in the custom fit gloves is made with a breathable thermoformable material, that after 180 seconds of heating at 80°c in our dedicated oven, takes the shape of the skiers hand. While the gloves are still hot the rider has to wear them for 3-5minutes so they can take the shape of the hand. This customization can be repeated as often as they like. The benefits for the skier are: a custom fitting glove, improved comfort, high sensitivity and a better grip on the ski poles.

Heat the glove for 180 sec at 80 degrees in our dedicated oven. After that they are ready to take the shape of every skiers hand.

While heated wear them for 3/5 minutes and they take the exact shape of the hand filling all the empty holes.

Custom Fit LevelGloves